Silent Auction

Inventory of pieces

Have you ever wanted to have a hand-knit item without having to commit to the time?  Or want to gift a hand-knit but don’t have the time to do it?  Well, solution is right around the corner and we won’t tell on you!

If you’ve been in the shop, then you will know that we have a LOT of samples around the shop.  We are frequently asked if the samples are for sale and are sad to have to disappoint people.  There are a few reasons why we don’t sell the samples and the main one is that it is breaking copyright laws.  Most patterns say right on the pattern that items from the pattern are not to be made for sale.  We strongly respect and value what the designers do and want to be able to continue to have the wealth of design talent at our fingertips. 

But on the other hand we are constantly getting new yarns and making new samples and there is just only so much room.  So we regularly pull samples and put them in storage but our bins are getting full! 

So we have come up with a solution that benefits everyone.  This silent auction on our website.  100% of all sales will be going to the Breast Cancer Support Fund.  This will be starting the week of  November 13th and closing on Dec. 15th at 5 p.m.

About how this works!  All the pieces are at our shop for you to view!  You can come down to the shop and view the items and write down your bid.  The current bid will be displayed here and on the browsing pages and on the bid sheet at the store.  If you cannot come to the shop, NO PROBLEMS!  You can submit your bid here at the site.  Along with each item is a button that you can click to enter your bid.  The bid sheets and the bids values here on-line will be updated once each evening. 

Winning Bids!
On December 15 5pm (Eastern time), if you are the winning bid - congratulations!  We will contact you to let you know and find out how you want to make your purchase.  We can accept VISA and Mastercard, or you can come down to the shop and pay cash.

If you are not able to come to the shop, we will be more than happy to ship the item to you - we will add the cost of shipping to your credit card charge.  If you live in the area of the shop and are not able to make it to the store, we can deliver the item to you for a $5 charge.

Inventory of pieces