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World Wide Knit in Public Day is coming!

Have you marked Saturday, June 9th on your calendar? We have a lot of stuff planned for WWKIP day this year. We will be doing this as a fundraiser for The Canadian Breast Cancer Support Fund. This is a great group of volunteers that is dedicated to providing financial support to breast cancer patients. Breast cancer is not only a health challenge, it is often an economic crisis.

All kinds of info about what we are doing can be found in our newsletter, on the Knitty blog on June 6th and on Kate’s blog.

But a real quick overview – we will be up and running 11-4, silent auction, bake sale and games & contests will run the whole time.

Wisehilda our Guru Swami will be diagnosing all your knitting issues (for a donation) 11 to 1, and then 2 to 4.

Indigodragonfly will have a trunk show all day Friday and Saturday and dyeing demos at 11 a.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m. There is some going on over on Rav for naming rights of these one of a kind colourways.

BBQ will be from 12 – 2 – hotdogs and sausages and all profits again going to CBCSF

Soakbox station will be running through out the day (we will allow the ladies breaks) with a free nail application with purchase of kit or with a $5 donation.

Come on over, bring your lawn chairs, your knitting (of course) and lots of loonies, toonies and bills and lets really do a great fundaiser for CBCSF

Soakboxes are coming!

We have been planning some fun things for World Wide Knit in Public Day and when we found out about the new Soakboxes lightbulbs starting going off!!! Jacqueline of Soak is a genius. This limited edition Soakbox includes a bottle of Soak and Handmaid luxury creme, stylishly matched to premium nail polish and custom hand-dyed yarn. Pattern included. One to match each fragrance.

As we have done in the past we will doing some Breast Cancer fundraising throughout the day. So one of our plans for the day is to have the NEW Soakboxes in and have a nail application center. With every Soakbox purchased you will get a nail application FREE (we will have extras so you don’t have to crack open your kit) or for a $5 donation we will do your nails. We have the Clark Cable gauntlet sample done in the shop – I have to say – very pretty!

Go over here and read all about the process.

Cast-On Tour 2012

We are getting very excited as the weekend gets closer – Brenda Dayne will be teaching this weekend in our shop!! Brenda is doing a Cast-On Tour 2012 and we are her only Canadian venue – we are very honoured. She is doing 2 classes and there are just a couple of spots left for Glove Design and Advanced Raglan.
As well she is doing her Memorable Yarn Event on the Saturday evening from 7-9. This sounds like a cool evening! Besides being with a group of knitters you will be listening to one of the best knitting story tellers around. I am presently listening to her audiobook A Knitters Manifesto as I drive back and forth to work. It will be interesting to see if Zena recognizes her voice from the car rides:) This is a FREE talk but you do have to register ahead to ensure space. Ignore the price for MYE on our registration page and in the newsletter. Tech guy is away on business and can’t do updates on the road.


We’re seeing spots – SUNSPOTS! Starting today and through the summer, we will post SUNSPOTS
on a few select items in the shop on random days, and those items will be available at 20% off for that day only, while supplies last. Follow @ShallWeKnit on Twitter to get the SPOT NEWS each morning to see if the sun is shining on anything that day. Think of it like a spot dance, but with yarn. (The fine print: discount applies to in-stock items only. Featured items are not eligible for layaway, but may be purchased over the phone and shipped to any destination. Featured items subject to change without notice.) Pretty soon, you’ll start seeing SPOTS.

Today, Friday May 4th being such a glorious summery day we are kicking off Sunspots with 20% off all 100% Cottons. Today only:)

Frolic 2012

Last weekend we packed up a couple of trucks and Lynne and I headed off to Toronto for the 2012 DKC Knitters Frolic. We love the Frolic – it’s that one time of the year that we get to see some amazing people – both other vendors and customers. We were right down the hall from one of our favourite people, Jacqueline from Soak and she was kind enough to personally deliver another order of Soak. So we are all stocked up again.

With the help of my two guys and the huge cart they built, we were unloaded in record time and then all we had to do was make the booth beautiful! The guys left and Lynne and I unpacked – it’s amazing what you can fit into a 10ft booth:) We brought ALL the Koigu and there is a lot!
The Willow Street Silk was shimmering on it’s wall and the Caper! It was a major hit.

We had a chance to chat with Franklin Habit for a bit over dinner on the Friday night as well as Kim & Ron from Indigodragonfly (we really wish they didn’t live so far away) and Kate Atherley brought along Norm (he really does exist). After all the work of packing and unpacking it was great to sit and just relax with friends.
Saturday is a blur – there were many times that Lynne and I stood outside of our booth because there was no room in the booth. And the Knitwear!!! It is so lovely to be able to see all the varieties of the same things. Colour Affection seemed to be everywhere this year. And people looking for the perfect colour for Kates new pattern from Knitty – Bigger on the Inside! Dr. Who fans are sooo in love with this pattern and teaming it with Kims Tardis colourway is making knit-geeks happy in so many ways.

Kate & crew

We were honoured to host Kate Atherley with her book launch. This picture is Kate signing her first autograph. Very exciting!

And of course we couldn’t kick off Kate’s book without having the whole Knitty crew here. Amy Singer, Jillian Moreno and Kate all did classes on Saturday and then on Sunday we did a Knitty Roundtable.


If you’ve met Kim from Indigodragonfly then these pictures will make sense. If not – then go see here and then scroll down to March 21.

around the shop

We do a lot of spinning classes with Tabi and are thrilled to be able to carry some of her hand-dyed rovings and yarns as well.

We seem to have had a slug infestation too:) Selina is a local knitter and designer and they are her pattern.

We also had to fit in a little Christmas knitting. One of my gifts this year were Incognitos from Knitty for my Grandson and my son. Fun pattern!

We went to Woodstock & Glenna came to visit

In October is the Woodstock Fleece Festival. We had Jen and Lise demonstrating on our new Schacht wheels.

We had Glenna C. come and teach and are looking forward to her coming back next weekend for a couple more classes. She is the master of the twisted stitches!

a bit of this and a bit of that

Spring is here and it looks like the blog is coming out of hibernation. That’s our story and we are going to stick to it. WOW! What a winter! Moving to the new location in Waterloo has definitely made us busier. We LOVE the new location! And our ability to have bigger classes has been amazing. I’m just going to post a few pics over the next little while to show some of the things we have been doing while the blog has been in hibernation.

We did a Yarntasting with some Bergere yarns to help with deciding on which we might like to carry in the shop.

Bergere Yarn Tasting

A few of us went to Rhinebeck Wool & Sheep Festival. An amazing time as always and a great place to meet up with Friends.

and of course there was some shopping, this is just one of the hauls…

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